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PBG Ltd. started as a powder coatings workshop in 2003 and established itself as an independent company in 2006.

In our workshop we operate an oven with the following dimensions: 6 m/2 m/0.80m, providing the possibility of coating 6-meter-long details. In the working process we utilize a rail line to enhance output performance.

In the past years we have gained valuable experience in painting various items made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our equipment includes electrostatic guns for powder application (ITW GEMA, NORDSON, COATTECH), as well as Tribo guns (ITW GEMA).

In the workshop we work with the following brands of powder coatings: Akzo Nobel, Arsonsisi, Becker’s, Euro Poleveri, Inver, Jotun, Neokem, Pulver, Tigar and others. The majority of the colors in the RAL catalog have been used. We also work with powder provided by the client.

In our work we show high professionalism, proving this with the quality and reliability of our services. Speed is another characteristic that we are renowned for. We often function as a “powder coating emergency service” for clients with approaching deadlines. In that regard the types of jobs that we offer are: quick (48 hours), express (24 hours) and super-express (immediately).

Since 2006 we are offering a new service, sandblasting – the most effective way of preparing items for painting. Consequently we launched a new complex service – cleaning and powder coating of metal items, with the most prominent example being car rims.

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